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whittenburg. beautiful putt there. 28-year-old from memphis, tennessee. good, tidy player. very nice swing, very strong and fit. off a good season on the tour last year. yeah, tiger will be really upset at himself for bogeying 14 and hitting that drive here. nick: his stats were good the hole week. i think he got as high as 80% in one round. but then today he's gone left on one, left on two. right on four, right on six. seven down the fairway. nine way right. 10, perfect. 12 good. 13 good. 14 didn't really hook enough and then 15 left going left. so not pretty with the big stick. though this one has really been working. ian: that was a bad misread. you don't see tiger misread by a cup very often. nick: so there's still stuff to work on. the wedge play has been brilliant. the distance control all through the week -- it's been rainy and foggy and all sorts. the distance control has been a serious improvement but i think this will really iraq him. he's got to -- irk him. he's got to sort this driver out under certain visual demands. peter: nick watney, very quick putt. nick: wow, was
-- lights of the city. it's going to go dark. pretty strong winds there and tennessee had winds over 50 miles per hour and i think we'll see that, too here, not good, more like april than january, although we'll be reminded we're in january tomorrow. live look outside, capitol, michael and son weather cam, temperatures still warm in the immediate metro area, the beginning of fall out want to west, still 65 -- out to the west, still 65 downtown. notice a little dip in the temps now, 58 bethesda and rockville, but 67 fairfax and still in springfield, 70 in old town and andrews, but some cooler air is going to move in here the next couple hours. colder air will move in late, late tonight. wind gusts 29 gaithersburg, 20 manassas, 25 at national and 32 mile-per-hour wind gust at andrews and the winds will get stronger. in fact, here's some stuff you can do. you can bring in the small chairs. turn the small tables upside down, stay away from the windows, highest winds between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m., gusts over 50 miles per hour. radar, one band of showers and storms entering loudoun county. see th
with all the damage, nobody was hurt. >>> we hear a lot about bullying. here is a story of three tennessee teenagers doing what could only be described as the exact opposite. >> the three unionville community high seniors were nominated to be homecoming king, but they decided to give the crown to somebody else. the junior has william syndrome, a neurological syndrome. while it was special for scotty, it was really special for them too. >> every time we get together, we would say remember when he won homecoming king? we'll remember that and cherish that. >> it was a part of the emotion from everybody. i think that i showed scotty show a few tears. we were all emotional. it meant a lot to us. >> oh yeah. >> yes. >> reporter: he's been wearing the king medal that he won at school all this week and next year he'll crown the new homecoming king. >> that's a very nice thing to do. >>> still to come on wusa9. a sneak peek at one of the super bowl commercials. but this is one that they will be talking about here. >>> how the brain stipulation is helping this patient combat early onset alzheimers d
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3